About Me

My Journey

 Having a passion for technology and an eye  for creativity I secured my undergraduate degree in Information Technology in 2019 . I then set out to explore career paths that gave me an opportunity to converge my  dream career as a researcher and intuitive liking for user experience. I am currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience,  with my specialization track in Human Computer Interaction(HCI) at University of Texas at Dallas, USA with an expected graduation date as May 2021. A few of my subjects for the coursework are Cognitive psychology , Human computer interaction ,cognitive ethnography, research methods  and as a student at School of Brain and Behavior sciences at UTD, I am keen to study 

brain science and associate it with technology and more specifically how we interact with it. 

My Skillset

I have a creative DNA with predominant strands for soft skills, leadership , team work , detail oriented work and that of a curious learner.  

Some of my technical skills include : wireframing , storyboarding, research and analysis , database management ,data and information visualization. 

My Goals

I am looking for an opportunity to work in the domain of user experience research. Novel and Challenging work excites me and I thrive not only for  my professional growth but also for the growth of the workplace I would belong to . 

Leadership and Organizations

  • Member, Society of Women Engineers , Global Chapter .
  • Member, Society of Women Engineers, UTD Chapter.
  • Member, UX club, UTD.


UX Foundations: Research by LinkedIn Learning.